We're still finalizing the timing of this year's activities, but you can expect:

Secret Word
You know what to do when anyone says the secret word, right? For the rest of the day, whenever anybody says the secret word, scream really loud. This year's secret word is...you'll have to find out!

Gingerbread House
Knusper, knusper, knäuschen, wer knuspert an meinem Häuschen? Spend some time channeling your inner construction worker by building a gingerbread house. We'll supply the kit - you supply the architectural insight.

Details to come!

Hoot Capsule
In the midst of the frivolity and frantic energy of the Holiday Hootenanny, we should take some time to reflect on the important moments of the past year as well as look to the future. In that spirit, we'd like you to add some notes to the Hoot Capsule. Write your name and your answer on the cards provided. Before dropping it into the Hoot Capsule, check the box if you're comfortable with us sharing your note next year when we open the Hoot Capsule.

Schnapped is a delightful bartending challenge with two rounds. In the first round, you will be given a variety of ingredients and 5 minutes to make a shot for the judges to sample. In the second round, you will be given a variety of ingredients and 5 minutes to make a drink for the judges to sample. Whoever wins will be celebrated at next year’s Hootenanny, with their drink as the Signature 2018 Holiday Hootenanny drink. Make sure to sign up once arriving at the Hoot!

Drunken Dreidel
Players sit in a circle with the dreidel in the center. Each person should have a beverage (with or without alcohol - safety is also the name of the game.) take turns spinning the dreidel and follow these rules:
Shin (ש) - spinner drinks
He (ה) - spinner picks someone to drink
Nun (נ) - nothing happens
Gimel (ג) - everyone but spinner drinks until the dreidel next falls

Holiday Hootenanny Gift Exchange
Place your gift under the tree and sign the guestbook in the dining room and mark the column labeled 'Gift?' We will randomly order the list, and you will select their gifts in the order determined by the list. Who doesn't love a present mixed with some organization?

Solstice Celebration
This solemn event is a way to leave any unwanted thing behind in 2018. You'll have the chance to write down that thing (or things), share it with everyone (if you'd like to), and we'll burn it.